About Us

Meet Ken.
Model builder. Collector. Model seller.

It all started when I was 5. My uncle gave me a Tamiya 1/20 Tyrrell P34 F-1 model as Christmas gift. What a strange looking car, with 6 wheels! To any kids, the more wheels, the merrier!

I knew nothing about the history of this F-1 racer and the specs back then, but fascinated by the look of it nonetheless.

Of course the kit was way too advance for any 5-year-old boy and I could not comprehend the building instruction, never mind putting them together at all. The only bit I knew was inserting the tires onto the wheels, and it laid dormant for years afterwards.

Fast forward when Mercedes-Benz released the R129 500SL in 1989.

It was the most beautiful car ever made and I couldn't resist buying the Fujimi model when it came out. Yes this is the one, the Lorinser version. I was old enough to assemble the kit but with no painting. After it's finished I had ideas on making it better next time and soon bought my third kit. My model building journey had begun...

As a model builder, collector, and eBay seller, other hobbyists started approaching me to share their experiences, and seek help to find particular kits. All these now converge to this site, where not only the newest release would be available, but also out-of-production or more obscure kits as the collection continues to grow. Hope you will find some interesting kits here.


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